During sex, certain factors that can influence desires abound. One major factor that has been very controversial is the matter of pubic hair in the female genitalia, most especially the vagina. Women generally prefer to keep their pussy hair, largely because the pain of waxing could be a nuisance best avoided. It is true that the pubic hair in females help to prevent a certain amount of dirt from loitering in and around the pussy, and when shaved, could cause rashes. For this reason, some women would rather have their pussy hairy. But that is from the POV of women, what about the men who would have to eat, lick and suck said pussies?

Most men all around the world love their women shaved, the reason for this is relative to each person. Many men believe that if their woman’s got hairy pussy, it’ll smell. Truthfully, vaginas have distinct odors, hairy vaginas more than most, mainly because women with hairy pussies tend to sweat in the pussy more than women with shaved pussies. Men who would love to have their women with hairy pussy tend to want as little hair as possible, probably not total annihilation of the hair, but definitely not the Amazon rain forest either. A very small amount of men like it natural, in essence, they feel it is okay to keep what is natural and not take away from it. Another very popular reason for the love of shaved pussies over hairy ones buy men is; some men have complained about having pubic hair stuck in their mouth during cunnilingus, yuck! I can’t say I blame them much if they want their pussy hairless. Having pieces of pubic hair stuck in your mouth is definitely not my idea of mouth watery pussy feasting.

In some cases, some men don’t mind a hairy pussy because it makes them feel they are with a mature woman, they get the feel of being with a female child whenever they encounter shaved pussies, weird right?

A very small percent of men are indifferent, hairy or shaved, they don’t really care. They believe true passion would not give room for such supposedly mundane worries.

Another super odd reason i came across during research; some men have a weird notion that any woman with a hairy pussy probably doesn’t get enough sexual attention which just means they’ll be bad at having sex. Humans really are a weird bunch.