We assume you’re looking for a quick answer, so we’ll proceed to list the best Los Angeles hook up spots. Our first suggestion is The Bungalow, the liveliest bar in Santa Monica, and one of the most bustling in the whole city. Enjoying a scenic beachfront location, this venue has a buzzy vibe just a few steps away from the vast blue expanse of the ocean. It doesn’t get more romantic. The bar is always full of girls dressed to the nines.

Golden Gopher

This place manifests Hollywood glamour like no other. You need smart pickup lines because the Golden Gopher tends to draw a retro crowd of successful professionals. The gopher lamps, erotic sounds, and gilded scenery make this a fab joint to hook up in.

Madame Siam, Hollywood

This carnival-themed, moody underground spot has a secret entrance. There is great live music and the interior is astounding. A sexy glow pervades the space thanks to dim, red lighting. The seductive burlesque shows and magic performances don’t hurt the ambience in the very least. If you’re looking for a failsafe icebreaker, there are free carnival games to enjoy.

Eastside Luv

Eastside Luv attracts a predominantly Latin crowd. Regardless of the ethnic mix, however, it’s always a simpatico scene. Live burlesque shows add zest and heat to the space, alternating with excellent dance music. Love and lust abound here. 

The Friend, Silver Lake

The Friend seems small because of how popular it is. The dance floor is almost always packed. As you walk into the bright pink building, you’ll find yourself dodging couples making out as you make your way to the bar. Grab two boilermakers – one for you and one for the girl – and let the music take over.

Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, Hollywood

Treat yourself to a casual, anything-goes vibe at this home away from home. The well-worn couches and darkly lit hallways make it easy to strike up a conversation with anyone. In LA, the gym can be a good place to hook up with pretty girls. Unfortunately, most gyms are full of guys trying to do just that. We suggest signing up for a gym class that requires a partner. There are more girls in these classes. Plus, you’ll meet one who’s in good shape.