A few decades ago, it was an unwritten rule and norm to have a baby boy circumcised immediately after birth given it was a tradition that was passed down for generations. However, this is not the case today as many parents have come to the realization that the decision is largely personal and not medical. In-depth studies conducted over the years reveal that the supposed medical benefits of circumcision are negligible as they never affect the normal sexuality or medical conditions of males.

The major reason given for circumcision after birth was that the foreskin covers the entire penis making it difficult to clean the area while washing the baby. A reality that has been proved over and over is that during the early years there is never any need to pull back the skin as it remains intact in the area until the baby is about three years old. From that age, it will then naturally be flexible, and the boy will almost naturally know how to clean his body parts similar to any other circumcised person.


What is the role of the foreskin?

Nature has a reason for everything, and the foreskin protects the sensitive glans of the penis head. These glans are largely responsible for sexual pleasure and without the foreskin constant rubbing and touching makes them less sensitive.

Which is the best decision?

As stated above, the decision to circumcise should be one that is personal and not dictated by theoretical medical advantages that lack a foundational basis. More and more people are coming from the closet against the practice with extremists terming it as mutilation of body parts.

The personal decision you make is to be guided by either religious beliefs which people have followed for thousands of tears or as part of a culture you have the confidence in.